Laura Piedad July 18, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:30:25

"Try the pork chop sandwich!"
Walker Leonard July 14, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:30:27

"Famous pork chop sammich."
Cindy Ritchie July 13, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:30:29

"Epic pork chop sandwich. The people are so nice too. Everything is tasty but I'm all about their pork chop sandwich."
Matthew Thompson July 12, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:30:31

"I'm an absolute sucker for nostalgia and good food, so this place was just right. We stopped on the way home after a hike at Pilot and had the classic - pork chop sandwich, all the way. Service was prompt and the waitresses we're the usual southern-friendly. The bill was very affordable at just over $4 for a (monster) delicious sandwich. Other than a short wait in the heat of July, everything was perfect."
Fay Bowden July 7, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:30:34

"It was very good prices and enjoyed the food and the services."
Joe Salyers July 6, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:30:36