Martin Loyd June 11, 2019

2024-04-23 | 19:45:38

"Well worth the 2 hour drive"
Lori Clay June 9, 2019

2024-04-23 | 19:45:38

"The people are very friendly and the service was excellent!! It was like stepping into the past when people cared about people!!!"
Kathy Cox June 8, 2019

2024-04-23 | 19:45:39

"Awesome breakfast! Bacon, eggs, biscuit and gravy; tenderloin, eggs, biscuit and gravy; and of course the pork chop sandwich! All served at our table this morning. We all left full and satisfied."
Vickie Poole June 8, 2019

2024-04-23 | 19:45:40

"Loved the food and the atmosphere. I hope to be back"
Ed Gowland June 6, 2019

2024-04-23 | 19:45:41

"We had the Famous pork chop sandwich. It was a fun experience!"
Ben June 5, 2019

2024-04-23 | 19:45:42

"The Snappy Lunch is the only reason I ever make a stop in Mt. Airy. It's not just a step back in time... the food is actually really good, especially the famous porkchop sandwiches."