Teddy Vipperman March 29, 2019

2024-05-15 | 19:15:25

"I stopped by Snappy Lunch and got one of their famous "Pork Chop Sandwiches!" I loved it! I look forward to going back again oneday soon and getting another. Also they have a breakfast menu too. I highly recommend this restaurant!"
Anthony Smith March 29, 2019

2024-05-15 | 19:15:28

"They have wonderful food"
Joseph Carter March 28, 2019

2024-05-15 | 19:15:31

"Service and food was great!"
Paula Cassell March 15, 2019

2024-05-15 | 19:15:34

"Best pork chop sandwiches ever! And their breaded burgers are heavenly! Alot of history here, we love it!"
Chris Cook March 13, 2019

2024-05-15 | 19:15:37

"I can't believe how friendly they were. Busy little place. Good food."
Chuck Beickel March 3, 2019

2024-05-15 | 19:15:40

"This was a great experience, so glad we went, good was inexpensive but awesome. My family loved it! The waiter was amazing."