Keala K March 31, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:31:16

"Terrific breakfast"
Erik Constantine March 25, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:31:19

Donald Rodgers March 4, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:31:21

"I really just went here because I wanted to get some local history. I wasn't even going to order a pork chop sandwich until I saw them cooking them in the front window. But it looks so good I did order one. It is a legitimately amazing sandwich one of the most flavorful and unique things I've ever had. On top of that for a restaurant that could be a tourist trap the service is great they're remarkably cheap all of that on top of the fact that you get an epic sandwich that's definitely worth making the trip for."
Nick Ogle January 21, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:31:23

"Great sandwich everyone should drive to Mt airy at least once for a pork chop sandwich!"
Dolores Farmer January 18, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:31:25

"I would drive from Virginia (again) to eat that Pork Chop Sandwich!! The Snappy Lunch is like stepping back in time, to simpler days. I had the greatest time, sitting at the counter, talking to all the other guests, munching on my DELICIOUS pork chop sandwich, and smiling big time. Don't miss this experience if you travel to Mt. Airy."
James McCall January 13, 2017

2024-07-01 | 19:31:28

"My fiance brought me here for my birthday to try the pork chop sandwich. It was AMAZING!! The service was excellent with four different people making sure are needs were met. We will definitely make the hour and half drive to come back!!!"