Robbie Dunn September 22, 2020

2024-04-10 | 22:55:33

"Almost too good to be true. Awesome food , friendly people and Great prices"
Randy Parker September 14, 2020

2024-04-10 | 22:55:34

"best place to eat. I just love it."
Shaun and Nikki Nelson August 30, 2020

2024-04-10 | 22:55:36

"This is a very clean and cool little restaurant in an old fashioned type of town. The food is really good and very inexpensive and our waitress was amazing. Should we be in the area again we would definitely return and I would highly recommend this place. The one lady in the kitchen even went above and beyond and made a special hamburger for my son who has food allergies and was very accommodating to make sure that he got a meal there as well. Great people!!"
tim Tuck August 28, 2020

2024-04-10 | 22:55:38

"It was a great breakfast at a wonderful place to eat and make memories ."
Brandie Bowman August 20, 2020

2024-04-10 | 22:55:40

"Best pork chop sandwich in the world!"
Tom Warfield August 20, 2020

2024-04-10 | 22:55:42

"Had to go to try the pork chop sandwich. Didn't know anything about it so was surprised at all the different toppings on it. Lunch for 2 only came to a little over $11, inexpensive for what could be a tourist trap if they wanted it to be."