The Magman February 21, 2018

2024-05-28 | 19:23:51

"Great prices and food. Staff was great they even helped me out of my car into my wheelchair. Very friendly staff also"
Brian Conlon February 8, 2018

2024-06-18 | 19:30:12

"You have to try it! If you travel to "Mayberry", a.k.a. Mount Airy, you have to stop in at Snappy lunch, (the only restaurant mentioned by name in the TV show) these people are amazingly welcoming, the food was really good, and the prices were surprisingly low."
Michelle Baker January 28, 2018

2024-06-18 | 19:30:13

"Friendly service and great prices, good food"
Wendy Easter January 26, 2018

2024-06-18 | 19:30:14

"I've been eating at Snappy Lunch since I was a very little girl. My Papa used to bring me here a lot. The food is amazing, especially the famous pork chop sandwich, and the atmosphere is that of home! The staff are welcoming and very accommodating!"
Jan Newsome January 23, 2018

2024-06-18 | 19:30:14

"Love this place. You must order a Pork Chop sandwich "all the way". It's delicious. Don't knock it, until you've tried it. You'll love it."
Tammy Gordy January 23, 2018

2024-06-18 | 19:30:15

"Cheap and tasty. Pork chop sandwich can't be beat."