Ashley Rhodes November 5, 2022

2023-03-07 | 20:22:51

"Extremely fast service! Fresh sandwiches and good prices. Can't be beat!"
Clyde Barrett November 4, 2022

2023-03-07 | 20:22:53

"Low prices, perfect staff and food"
John Stone November 3, 2022

2023-03-07 | 20:22:55

"Great food and fun Mayberry Memories"
Wayne Lofland November 1, 2022

2023-03-07 | 20:21:55

"Great lunch"
Rick October 26, 2022

Great place

"After getting in a very long line was delighted that the restaurant staff kept the wait time to a minimum(15 minutes or so). Staff was very very polite and helpful. Food is outstanding and prices are very reasonable. Will definitely eat there again during next visit to the town."
Beth October 26, 2022

Transparency of drink prices

"Excellent food. Reasonable prices for food. They should be transparent in the cost of water ."