Tim Wiggs June 17, 2022

Loving Snappy s

"I love the pork chop sandwich! So much history in the diner. We love the Andy Griffith connection."
Patricia Ford December 21, 2021

Patricia Ford

"I've never been but I think it's time I plan a trip to the Snappy Lunch! Just saw the Snappy Lunch on Sunday Morning CBS 9/19/2021.Judging from all the pictures and the people who eat there that the food is awesome! I must try the Pork Chop sandwich!"
Mary Jane Swift December 21, 2021

Mary Jane Swift

"We arrived right at lunch time and walking in the door they were pretty busy. We found a table in a back room and figured we’d be there a while but our waitress arrived before we even sat down. We got a cheeseburger and a bologna and cheese sandwich. Both were delicious. It’s been years since I had bologna. We need to come back for their famous pork chop sandwich. Service was quick, food was delicious, prices were excellent, and everyone was super friendly."